Exercise? Where Do I Start?

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We are all biologically different and unique beings.  We all like different things.  Most of us, however, all need more of at least one thing in life, and we know it.  We hear from our doctors, from social media, from friends or family, and others that we need to exercise.  Pressure much? But do we do it like we should? What’s stopping you?

Getting going on a good healthy habit seems so hard for some, and not others. Why? Who cares right now! Let’s talk about you. Someone else is not you. So, let’s talk about a few ways to get going on exercise and movement in your daily habits, starting with basic goals.

Are you looking to get fit, just be healthier, lose 10 lbs., 100 lbs., or tone a little to make it into that little black dress for the party?  Healthier is always a good place. What is your reason WHY you want or need to exercise?  Write it down – the goals and your “whys”. Be CLEAR of details so you can reference them later.  Writing things down has been shown to help one be more effective in reaching a goal.  Maybe you want to just be healthier for yourself, but also to be a good role model to your children. Maybe you need to lose 20 lbs., keep strength going as you age, and feel better in your skin. Whatever the reasons, make your WHY important, and stick it in your journal or somewhere you see it daily to motivate you. Keep it positive too, no negative talk as that will NOT help your progress or motivation much.

In fact, you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal when you write them down (see study here for example).

For some people it may be as easy as just getting up and exercising.  We know we are not all like that.  There are always excuses (How many have you thought of since starting to read this so far?), times where life gets in the way, we can’t find something we enjoy, zero motivation… and the list goes on. 

Even the great fitness professionals lose motivation or have excuses they deal with.  What they have, and other successful goal getters have, is discipline.  We must discipline ourselves to do the things that we don’t always want to do to achieve goals, and be healthier.  There is so much satisfaction to be had in the achievement!  You want it, I know you do.

We must be flexible, and allow for adjustments when life smacks us, but we also need to at least have a basic plan or program to focus on. Finding an exercise regimen that works for you, and that you enjoy may take some time.  That’s okay.  If you start incorporating more into your life while you look for one you enjoy regularly, you will at least be on the path!  I used to dislike working out, but I slowly developed a love of exercise by continuing to exercise, and trying new things. Just keep going, looking ahead of you to your goal.

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Also, don’t make it a all or nothing situation either, be fair to yourself. More often than not, all or nothing will tank and you may feel it’s all worthless and stop. Don’t stop! Set some realistic expectations with yourself. Start smaller and build. Even small achievements yield success and build into greater end game. Example: Start walking 20 minutes for 3 days week. Mark it on the calendar for the week, and add it to the next week when complete and you know your schedule.

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Some Exercise Benefits:

  • Improving coordination, balance, strength.
  • Metabolism improvements.
  • Improved bone density as we age (especially with a mix of weight training).
  • May alleviate some symptoms of certain mental health conditions, or just improve your mood and energize your day.


  • Start small by adding a daily walk to your day, or a bike ride.
  • Look into a group class, gym, or program that interests you.
  • Workout at home to online streaming programs (numerous ones available).
  • Be open to trying new things, and choose a variety of things to keep it interesting.
  • Check out hiking groups and community centers for classes.
  • Get a friend or family member on board too.
  • Hire a certified personal trainer – they can help you navigate a plan of action and provide accountability.
  • If you are into sports, check out some local teams and leagues perhaps.
  • Put on a workout outfit/clothing that gets you thinking move…outfit, shoes, motivational shirt,…

Basic types:

  • Weight Training – good for muscle mass, metabolism, and bone density.
  • Cardio (running, biking, dancing, walking, etc…) for cardiovascular health and movement.
  • Yoga/Pilates – Balance, stretching, low impact, strength/coordination/flexibility, breath work.
  • Sports and more… there is so much out there for you!

Whatever you find and try, make sure that you also look at your support around you.  Invite people to join you if you are inclined or get really excited about something.  Find an accountability partner, or group, working on the same goals.  It will add comradery, a element of fun, and maybe a positive challenge to push you. Health coaches and certified personal trainers are a great asset, often overlooked, to also help here.

An example from my personal life, is when my daughter had a requirement for Scouting to incorporate 30 days of fitness into her routine.  So, we started it by walking a mile (up and back down our neighborhood basically).  Now, she reminds me and asks when we are going.  I must go too, as she is too young to go alone – so it helps me get more daily movement in, while spending time with her, and makes us accountable (as she needs to report to her Scout Leader). Accountability means you will check in, talk about wins, what has been learned, and struggles faced. This is a key component to success.

So, a quick recap. Start with a reasonable goal to work towards your WHY once the why is identified. Start small and build from there, trying new things. Add a accountability partner/support system. Find joy in the process and then, the success.

If you are needing support and help, reach out to me and let’s see how I can possibly assist you. Contact

We will talk more about motivation and discipline on another day. Stay tuned!

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