Clean Makeup

Have you taken a look at what’s in your makeup products? 

There is a bit of controversary out there as to what constitutes “CLEAN” across the industry unfortunately, and many opinions.  Does it mean no toxic chemicals, or limited use ones that do or don’t have a lot of research? Does it mean certain things are okay in some products and not in others.  Are “clean” products really clean?  How do we find out?

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Should we trust sites like “Think Dirty” and “EWG” to be the end all be all?  Well, they do a pretty good job at checking into this stuff and providing what info is out there.  I like research personally, but we still have a lot of research to do into how safe things are honestly.  At least those two sites have some great information to start weeding things down.  They explain things, list all ingredients and concerns for each, let you know where there is sufficient evidence or more needed and will “certify” things they deem super safe based on their standards (clearly stated standards on sites). 

I have seen a wide variety of information in my own quest for clean products that work, and don’t cause issues with your endocrine systems among other things.  The questionable chemicals in products that concern me most are ones directly absorbed, bioaccumulate potentially, have hormone disrupters, or cancer causing agents.  Personally, I don’t wear a lot of makeup these days because of chemicals, but when I do, I want to know what’s in it and is it safe.  These days, cleaner and safer products seem to finally be making their way to the market more!

After much research, I have found a couple that had all, if not most of their products EWG Verified (clean approved and stamped!), or approved by other companies similar due to good practices, no animal testing, clean ingredients, etc…

A few listed on EWG’s site as Verified, or at least rated on scale of 1-10 in safety by product, include these companies having the most so far VERIFIED to date:

Rejuva Minerals

Honest Beauty

Maia’s Mineral Galaxy


Well People (provide Essential Worker discounts too if that’s you!)

There are many other products out there, but you need to sometimes pick and choose what suits you, try what works for you, and maybe use products from various companies if one doesn’t have everything you look for daily.  Best bet regarding knowing what you apply to your face is to do your research and decide what you are comfortable with.  Use one of the sites like Think Dirty or EWG to get into it, and check the makeup company sites for standards, ingredients, verifications, testing procedures, etc…  This post is just to share and make aware that you really should take a look.  Plug in your current makeup to one of those sites and see if they tested it yet, or what’s in it and concerns associated at minimum. Educate yourself to make a informed decision.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these companies listed in this post at this time.

I have yet to try some of these products from the companies listed above (some are on order), so I will let you know what I think after testing some myself just to share what works for me.